• Pilot whale (Globicephala sp.) off Angola, Africa

Whale and dolphin research in Angola and the Gulf of Guinea

Caroline has worked extensively in the waters located off Angola on the west coast of Africa (south-east Atlantic Ocean) since March 2004, and in the waters further north off Congo, Gabon and in the Gulf of Guinea. Little is known about the marine mammal species inhabiting this region, and until recently most information was based on historical catches of large whales. Angola has received increasing focus from offshore industry, and since 2003 some companies have implemented Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) during geophysical seismic surveys off Angola. While MMOs are primarily onboard to mitigate against any potentially adverse impacts on marine fauna, the use of experienced biologists has also provided an invaluable opportunity to collect scientific data in this poorly studied region.

Caroline has collected many years of marine mammal data from seismic survey (and other) vessels operating in offshore Angolan and Gulf of Guinea waters, and has also carried out dedicated research into cetaceans in the coastal waters of Namibe Province in southern Angola (see Atlantic humpback dolphin research). Numerous scientific peer-reviewed papers have been published from those studies on the cetacean species and communities occurring in the region, together with papers on other fauna encountered during the survey work such as sea turtles, whale sharks and Mobula rays. Her PhD Thesis “Ecology and conservation of cetaceans in the waters between Angola and the Gulf of Guinea, with focus on the Atlantic humpback dolphin (Sousa teuszii)” drew on early survey work in the region from 2004 to 2009, providing the first comprehensive study of the occurrence of cetaceans in Angolan waters, adding considerably to existing knowledge of cetaceans off Gabon and in the Gulf of Guinea, and providing the first detailed information on the abundance, ecology and habitat use of the Atlantic humpback dolphin for any study site.

Selected publications from Angola/Gulf of Guinea ecological research:

Cetacean community papers

Weir, C.R. (2019). The cetaceans (whales and dolphins) of Angola. Pp 445–549 in: Biodiversity of Angola. Science and Conservation: A modern synthesis, ed. by Huntley, B.J., Russo. V., Lages, F. and Ferrand, N. Springer Open. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-03083-4

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Individual cetacean species (see also Atlantic humpback dolphin)

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Other marine fauna

Weir, C.R., Macena, B.C.L. and Notarbartolo di Sciara, G. (2012). Records of rays of the genus Mobula (Chondrichthyes: Myliobatiformes: Myliobatidae) from the waters between Gabon and Angola (eastern tropical Atlantic). Marine Biodiversity Records, 5: e26.

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